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DiscVision and Hochschule Osnabrück present socialTV application on Hybrid PVR

DiscVision @ CeBIT 2011

1. - 5. March 2011

The major innovation that is shown there is a "social recommender" system that was developed by Hochschule Osnabrück and DiscVision on the basis of the digital satellite receiver eviado.

The eviado digital satellite receiver is a hybrid receiver, i.e. combines the delivery of broadcast content via the DVB system with the delivery of web and video information via IP. In this way, the eviado system integrates a web portal that connects to a large number of web services that are tailored to the TV screen using CE-HTML. In addition to this, the eviado platform integrates the intelligent recommender system "watchmi" that automatically selects those TV programs that are of highest interest for the end users and therefore frees the users from time consuming programming of the PVR.

This automatic recommender is accompanied by the social TV recommender that uses available social networks like Twitter and Facebook and allows for the user to program the PVR of the friends on Facebook if they allow this. Thus, using a web site or an iPhone application, it is possible to schedule recordings on the own PVR at home or on the PVR of the Facebook friend in a very comfortable way.

Using twitter communication, it is possible to announce to all followers that a selected program is interesting for a user. The followers can then also schedule this recording on their PVR. Alternatively it is possible to program the recording of a certain program directly on a set of follower PVRs if they allow this. Using this functionality it is possible to set up Twitter accounts that propose interesting TV programs of a certain kind. All followers are automatically informed and / or get their PVR scheduled with those recordings that are selected by the specific user. In this way, some oppinion leaders can organize virtual recording channels which can be activated by users and allow them to get their PVR automatically programmed in this way.

The social recommender is currently available as an iPhone application that will be provided mid of 2011 in the iPhone shop for use in combination with the eviado hybrid PVR system.

The technical backbone of the remote access to the STB at home from the iPhone or from a web page is based on the connectTV technology of DiscVision. The connectTV system allows for a transparent access from a remote server to the installed STB systems within the users home without any change on the IP network connection of the user. In this way, it is possible to remotelly schedule recordings on the STB but also perform maintenance jobs on the STB by the system vendor.

The connectTV technology will be integrated in more mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and Android devices in the coming months.

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