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DiscVision presents Voice-controlled Home Media solutions at ANGA COM

DiscVision @ ANGACOM 2017

30. Mai 2017 – 1. Juni 2017

Did you ever talk to your TV and asked it to find the next favourite show on your EPG and to record that automatically for you? Did you ever ask your TV what it has recorded for you during your last holiday trip? With DiscVision Conversational UI technologies presented first time at AngaCom 2017 this dream comes true.

Using the innovative Amazon Alexa voice service, DiscVison is one of the first that has integrated this technology into its digital receivers and Home Media Gateways.

In cooperation with its technology partners, DiscVision presents a range of innovations at the AngaCom show starting May 30th in Cologne, Germany.

Besides the new voice interface to the Home Media devices that is integrated in several Home Media Gateways as well as into a freenet TV PVR-ready receiver system - DiscVision shows at AngaCom:

  • Innovative and lightning fast user interfaces for digital receivers based on the Luna UI of the Danish company Craftwork
  • Voice controlled content discovery solutions that use the cloud based content discovery technologies of XroadMedia
  • Inhome networking solutions that allow to stream content from STB / HMG to IP devices such as AppleTV, Chromecast, Samsung Tizen TV sets and many more. The target device can be selected by the user's mobile phone using the Playmigo system of

Thus, a full scenario for a Conversational user interface on high end gateway-type systems as well as on standard zapper devices is shown at this years's ANGA COM. The STB and Home Media Gateway solutions from DiscVision are based on Linux OS or Android OSP.

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