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DiscVision launches Alexa Smart Properties solutions for Hospitality and Care.

DiscVision recently qualified as asolution provider for Amazon Alexa’s Smart Properties (ASP) service in Europe

Alexa Smart Properties is an Amazon service that provides device fleet management to build Alexa capabilities at scale and control aspects of your property through voice commands. Alexa Smart Properties enables fully managed Echo devices and Alexa applications to be deployed by businesses so they can enable Alexa experiences wherever you are staying. DiscVision will focus on the Hospitality and Senior Living markets.

For the Hospitality sector, DiscVision provides a fully integrated solution comprising of a customized Alexa skill, device management with optional integration with the Property Management System. This enables the property operator to enrich the hospitality experience so guests can access services and amenities from the comfort of their room, using just their voice. This voice immersive experience helps your property increase revenues, reduce costs, and improve guest satisfaction. The solution is available now in the UK and France,

For the Senior Living sector, DiscVision will develop a fully integrated solution comprising of a customized Alexa skill, device management with integration with the Care Management System (CMS). DiscVision will partner with CMS companies to offer solution to care providers. This aims to improve the quality of life in the care receiver communities by enabling them to be more independent, empowered, and connected while streamlining workflows to help care providers save time and money. This will be available soon in the UK, and will follow in other parts of Europe as applicable

DiscVision brings its long-standing experience as an Alexa System Integrator that allows to integrate the Alexa Voice Service into devices as well as its ability to create efficient Alexa skills for STB, TV and other media player applications.

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