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DiscVision provides software stack for eviado high end PVR platform

DiscVision provides major parts of the overall software stack of a complete set of STB / PVR products that are marketed under the brand name "eviado". Leading distributors like max communication GmbH and Sky Vision Satellitentechnik GmbH will distribute this technology on the European market. A first view on the current product generation of eviado can be done at IFA 2009 in Berlin.

The system shown on IFA 2009 integrates a hybrid digital satellite receiver that provides PVR-ready functionality for DVB-S2 contens as well a an easy to use web portal for a large number of leading Internet applications that are all presented in a way that make them usable on a TV set. The web portal is based on an embedded web browser that provides CE-HTML functionality.

The system integrates a progressive download Video-on-Demand application and protects the content using SecureMedia DRM system. The system is an open platform and more and more Internet services will be provided to the platform during its lifetime.

The receiver presented on IFA will compliy to the newest standards in terms of signal protection and will integrate CI+ and comply to the Astra HD+ specification. Thus, it will be possible to record DVB-S2 signals that are protected using CI+ on the external USB HDD.

The overall solution has been set up by a network of companies.

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DiscVision and partners presents on IFA 2009 in detail:

The technical platform is a standard DVB-S2 satellite receiver that runs Linux OS

PVR systems based on STi7101 as OEM/ODM products
- Single Tuner PVR-ready receivers / Twin Tuner PVR systems (forthcoming)
- Support of DVB-S2
- USB Host interface for the connection of storage devices or WLAN
- Ethernet 10 / 100 MBit/sec Interface
- Support of CI+ / HD+

Web portal showing information services from the Internet
- All services designed in a way that fits to TV
- Support of streaming media
- Information and communication services are provided using CE-HTML web browser

VoD portal providing instant access to video contents:
- Implementation of progressive download VoD
- Provision of SD and HD video contents
- User interface is provided using CE-HTML web browser
- Security of digital media is ensured using SecureMedia DRM

connectTV - Remote Access to STB / PVR system
- Access to the PVR at home from any Internet browser and mobile phone
- Access to the EPG, scheduling of recordings, control of recordings
- Access to pictures and MP3 content stored on the PVR

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