DiscVision and Woosha BV present smartphone apps for remote PVR control

IBC, Amsterdam

10. - 14. September 2010

DiscVision GmbH and Woosha BV present the first results of their recently started cooperation on the IBC 2010 starting on September 10th in Amsterdam.

While people at DiscVision GmbH are experts on STB and especially on PVR technologies, the team of Woosha BV collects experts on technologies for mobile applications and mobile devices. The cooperation of both companies establishes a strong partnership for the development of technologies that allow the control of residential STB and PVR systems using mobile devices such as Android phones,
iPhones, iPads and much others.

Using the increasing power and availability of the mobile Internet, it is interesting for the mobile user of a PVR or STB to control his device not only from the living room but indirectly also from all locations within his home but also on the go, i.e. from anywhere outside his home. Thus, the typical scenario that a
person cannot make it in time to his home to watch the soccer match in the evening but connects to his PVR via a mobile phone and schedules the recording, is a completelly understood scenario and is exactly the application background of the technology presented by Woosha and DiscVision.

DiscVision has developed for this purpose the connectTV technology that allows to communicate from any IP device to the STB / PVR within the home network without making it necessary to change any setting on the router system at home. Thus, the user just performs a "pairing" of his device with an anoynmous
login on a web page and from this moment on, can control the device from this web page.

Woosha is the first to integrate the connectTV protocol into an embedded application that runs on an Android phone and allows instantly to connect to the DiscVision PVR system. The application that is presented to the public for the first time on IBC 2010 collects functionality for the display of the EPG
from the STB, scheduling of recording, access to the times and recorded events and certain other functionalities. The system can also be used as a complete replacement of the infrared remote control as it is possible to send every remote control command to the STB. In this way, the system controls
the switching of TV and radio channels as well as the playback of media from the connected hard disk drive within the overall home of the user.

The first implementation of the system was done for the eviado one hybrid STB system that is presented on the booth of Aprico / Philips at the IBC.More information about both companies is availble at the web sites www.woosha.it and www.discvision.com

Visit us in hall 1, on the booth of Aprico / Philips number 1.A81a

eviado Hybrid STB system features:

*PVR-ready system based on STi7105
- Twin Tuner PVR-ready receiver
- Support of DVB-S2 (DVB-T2, DVB-C in preparation)
- 3 x USB Host interface for the connection of storage devices
- Dual Flash Memory concept (small boot flash, large NAND flash)
- Integrated WLAN (802.11n)
- Ethernet 10 / 100 MBit/sec Interface
- HDMI, Scart, ....
- Support of CI+ / HD+
- eSata Interface

*Web portal showing various information services from the Internet
- All services designed in a way that fits to TV
- Support of streaming media from various services
- Information and communication services are provided using Opera Devices web browser

*HbbTV support
- Integrated Opera Devices browser
- HbbTV implementation according to HbbTV 0.8 specification

*connectTV - Remote Access to STB / PVR system
- Access to the PVR from any Internet browser and mobile phone
- Access to the EPG, scheduling of recordings, control of recordings
- Access to pictures and MP3 content stored on the PVR

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