DiscVision, eviado, APRICO Solutions, and Axel Springer present watchmi intelligent personalized TV service for PVR

IBC, Amsterdam

10. - 14. September 2010

DiscVision GmbH presents the results of a close cooperation between eviado GmbH, APRICO Solutions from Philips Electronics, and Axel Springer Digital TV Guide GmbH at the IBC 2010 in Amsterdam.

At the booth of APRICO / Philips, the eviado hybrid STB/PVR will be presented including “watchmi” Personal TV, which is powered by the APRICO personalized recommendation technology and the managed EPG from Axel Springer Digital TV Guide. This is the first time that the innovative and highly efficient personalized recommendation technology of APRICO is completely integrated into a PVR system what will be available on the market soon. DiscVision was responsible for the system integration into the overall software stack of the eviado STB system.

The watchmi Personal TV service uses the APRICO recommendation technology, which is based on the concept of personal channels defined by the user who assigns a number of “seed” programs to each personal channel. The subsequent inclusion of additional programs to these channels defines the overall channel profile. In addition to the automatic feedback that the APRICO recommender receives from the user due to the viewing of the automatically recorded TV programs on a personal channel, the user can also explicitly accept or reject the recommendations provided by the watchmi service. This interactive approach allows for a very rapid learning curve, making intelligent recommendations after only a few iterations.

The generation of these intelligent recommendations is only possible if the EPG metadata provide the necessary and in-depth information about the TV program alternatives. To this purpose, a large number of features are provided by the TV program guide experts from the Axel Springer media concern. In this manner, the managed EPG of Axel Springer Digital TV Guide GmbH is essential to empower the APRICO recommendation technology that is at the heart of the watchmi Personal TV service.

Watchmi with APRICO technology is integrated here for the first time in a STB platform. Previous integrations were done based on PC platforms and marketed as watchmi Personal TV by Axel Springer. In a closed cooperation between APRICO and DiscVision GmbH, the recommendation technology was optimized to meet the requirements of embedded devices.

Visit us in hall 1, on the booth of Aprico / Philips number 1.A81a

eviado Hybrid STB system features:

*PVR-ready system based on STi7105
- Twin Tuner PVR-ready receiver
- Support of DVB-S2 (DVB-T2, DVB-C in preparation)
- 3 x USB Host interface for the connection of storage devices
- Dual Flash Memory concept (small boot flash, large NAND flash)
- Integrated WLAN (802.11n)
- Ethernet 10 / 100 MBit/sec Interface
- HDMI, Scart, ....
- Support of CI+ / HD+
- eSata Interface

*Web portal showing various information services from the Internet
- All services designed in a way that fits to TV
- Support of streaming media from various services
- Information and communication services are provided using Opera Devices web browser

*HbbTV support
- Integrated Opera Devices browser
- HbbTV implementation according to HbbTV 0.8 specification

*connectTV - Remote Access to STB / PVR system
- Access to the PVR from any Internet browser and mobile phone
- Access to the EPG, scheduling of recordings, control of recordings
- Access to pictures and MP3 content stored on the PVR

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