Video-on-Demand, Picasa, Amazon, Youtube, e-mail, .... and much more on hybrid DVB-S2 PVR

Anga Cable Exhibition

26.05. - 28.05.2009

DiscVision will present the latest results of technology development in cooperation with leading industry partners.

A number of advanced hybrid IP / DVB PVR systems will be presented ranging from single tuner DVB-S2 receivers which are PVR-ready to twin tuner DVB-x receivers with integrated HDD, recording on external storage devices, advanced home networking functionality and much more.

DiscVision presents together with ITV solutions GmbH the unique VoD system of ITV solutions that enables Quality-of-Service delivery of VoD over the Internet. Independent of actual network load and net access speed the consumer receives DVD and HDTV quality at the TV screen. The end-to-end service of iTV solutions includes Content Ingest, License- and Catalogue-Management, AAA- and DRM-services. It operates in a secure environment using Cloud Computing partners. The DRM system is provided by Secure Media. The client software works with CE HTML browsers.

The VoD solution is one of a number of other IP centric services that are implemented on the PVR platform. Services that are available here range from Amazon, Google Picasa and Youtube to general information and communication services like e-mail and RSS feeds. Additional service target the integration of home control networks.

DiscVision and its partners C2Micro, Celeno and Topas present a range of high end devices and technologies such as Celenos technology for mobile HD over WiFi which has appliations for Telcos in IPTV and Triple Play Services, Multi Room DVR, Multi Room Multi Platform Content Sharing and DVB-T over WiFi. The Celeno OtimizAIR technology is complementary to any standard 802.11 implementation and achieves highest range, throughput and robustness on top of 802.11a/b/g or 802.11n technologies.

Visit us on booth D55 in hall 10.2


DiscVision and partners presents on the Anga Cable in detail:

*Video-on-Demand and Catch UP TV solution
- System is integrated together with partner company ITV solutions
- Content (H.264) is provded by ITV solutions GmbH
- Implementation of progressive download mechanism

*connectTV - Content Services:
- Implementation of number of IP services on STB / PVR
- All services are seamless integrated into the UI of the STB / PVR
- Picasa: access to private and public photo album
- Amazon: access to Amazon.de / .com / .co.uk contents
- Youtube: access to Youtube video content
- e-mail reader and notifier service
- RSS feed service

*connectTV - Remote Access
- Access to the PVR at home from any Internet browser
- Access to the EPG, scheduling of recordings, control of recordings
- Access to pictures and MP3 content stored on the PVR
- Sharing of media between multiple users

The services that are demonstrated are implemented on the Linux OS and are therefore portable to other devices. The services are demonstrated on the following system:

*PVR systems based on STi710x as OEM/ODM products ready for shipment
- Single Tuner PVR-ready receivers / Twin Tuner PVR systems
- Support of DVB-S2, DVB-T, DVB-C
- USB Host interface for the connection of storage devices or WLAN
- Ethernet 10 / 100 MBit/sec Interface
- Integration of various IP applications

Celeno and its distribution partner topas electronic present on the
DiscVision booth:

*Celeno OptimizAIR technology and especially the CL1300 chipset:
- ODM/OEM Product ready for shipment
- Chips and modules for integration into Docsis 3.0 Cable modem, Residential Gateways and STB/DVR devices
- 5GHz 802.11 operation
- 4x4 Implicit Beam forming and Channel aware OptimizAIR™ technology
- Whole-home coverage, 4xHD video streams, 10-7 Packet Error Rate
- Superior interference immunity with 20MHz operation

*Celeno technology is distributed by topas electronic. topas provides the following serivces:
- Professional and Customized Consulting
- Sustained Design Support
- Information on Technologies and Trends
- Flexible and Reliable Solutions
- Professional Logistics

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