DiscVision presents
Alexa Voice Service integrated into Digital Receivers

12. - 14. Juni 2018

Voice Services are gaining a lot of worldwide attention at this time. About 55% of all US households will have Voice Assistant devices installed by 2022. Either on speakers, digital receivers, connected TVs, cars or wearables. Total installed devices will exceed 175 million at that time. While today most devices that integrate voice assistants are speakers, there is a clear trend that this technology will be integrated in more and more other devices in the future (Juniper Research 2018).

DiscVision has taken a leading role on this by integrating the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) into various devices. The integration of the Amazon AVS service in combination with a push-to-talk or hands-free voice input solution acts automatically like an Amazon Echo and enables the possibility to use all of the integrated Alexa services such as Amazon Music, Kindle eBooks, TuneIn music as well as all of the 15.000 Alexa skills that are available today and whose numbers are constantly growing.

In addition to the AVS integration, DiscVision provides a white label STB control skill that allows controlling the STB, i.e. Zapping, EPG search, Scheduling of recordings, live TV control, trickmodes etc. using a simple voice interface. The STB control skill implements a real conversational UI to the STB that gives voice feedback to the user as well as graphical information on the TV screen.

DiscVision as a R&D design house for the STB industry for more than 15 years offers its integration services to STB vendors. Using an easy to use SDK it is very easy to integrate the white label STB control skill into any STB either running on Linux OS or any other RTOS platform.

For the integration of the Alexa Voice Service, DiscVision offers a second SDK that allows own integration of such services on all kinds of Linux platforms. In both cases - AVS integration and Skill integration - there is no access to the STB software necessary for DiscVision engineers. Especially for the AVS integration a pre-compiled library will be provided with the SDK that can be interfaced by the STB vendor himself and integrated into the STB platform.

Besides the voice-controlled devices, DiscVision also presents some novel STB solutions such as a new Android OSP DVB-X receiver that runs a novel and highly customizable launcher engine based on the Android TIF platform.

More information can be provided on request or at the ANGACOM show from June 12th to June 14th 2018 in Cologne (www.angacom.de) in hall 7, booth A60.

To register for a meeting contact us at office@discvision.com.


hall 7
booth A60


DiscVision showcases novel white label Alexa Voice Service integration to control STB system at CES in Las Vegas

9. - 12. January 2018

DiscVision GmbH, a company based in Paderborn, Germany presents at the CES 2018 a digital TV receiver (set-top-box, STB) that integrates the Alexa Voice Service (AVS). With Alexa, customers can access hands-free Alexa voice capabilities simply through their set top box. The voice interface is implemented by a hands-free device that integrates a microphone array as well as a wake word engine and communicates via Bluetooth to the STB system. This hands-free device was developed in cooperation with 4mod Technology which is a French company that concentrates on remote control units and other TV controlling devices. The device can be used as voice input device for Alexa Voice Services.

The solution that is presented at CES 2018 in Las Vegas from January 9th to 12th is based on a project that is currently done by DiscVisoin and Altech UEC. Altech is a STB manufacturer based in South Africa that is worldwide active and has a large track record in high-end technological solutions used by leading network operators ranging from traditional Pay-TV operators to telecommunication and cellular network operators providing triple play or quad play services to its customers.

Besides the AVS integration, DiscVision has developed a novel skill based on the Video Skill Kit provided by Amazon. This skill allows for a full control of the TV experience including time-shift control, recording of TV events as well as replay of content from the HDD and other functionalities. The skill can be easily controlled by the hands-free microphone array as well as by an optional push-to-talk remote control.

Besides this skill based on VSK, DiscVision also provides a white label custom skill that offers even more functionality than the VSK implementation. For both of these skills DiscVision provides the skill hosting as well as IoT-cloud functionality and an SDK for the integration in other STB systems that can work on any middleware and use Linux or embedded operating systems.

The overall solution that is presented by DiscVision is a white label system for AVS integration into STB systems as well as for the skill that controls the STB itself. DiscVision provides such integration services and tools for STB manufacturers but can also provide production-ready systems that integrate AVS and can be controlled via suitable skills. DiscVision also provides the overall IoT services that are necessary to control the STB from the cloud. The integration of these services into the STB is done using powerful SDKs that are provided by DiscVision for the self-integration of AVS into the STB as well as for the skill self-integration. Thus, using the platform and SDKs that DiscVision provides, any STB can easily be turned into a STB that supports Alexa Voice Service and can be controlled itself via Alexa Voice Service (AVS).

The system that is shown at CES uses the skill cards that are provided in several skills and in this way give voice feedback as well as visual feedback to the end user. The STB can be controlled by a push-to-talk remote control as well as by the hands-free microphone array. This microphone array is a novel voice input device and cannot only be used in STB applications but also for high end speakers as it separates the voice input and sound output that is up to now concentrated in one device. Therefore it is a novel extension of the overall set of devices that integrate Alexa Voice Service today.

The presentation at CES will be at the booth of 4mod as well as on the booth of Amazon. For a meeting arrangement please contact Dr. Reinhard Lüling at rlueling@discvision.com who will be on site at CES 2018.

Amazon, Echo, Alexa and all related logos are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates.

CES Las Vegas



DiscVision presents
Voice-controlled Home Media solutions at ANGA COM

30. Mai 2017 – 1. Juni 2017

Did you ever talk to your TV and asked it to find the next favourite show on your EPG and to record that automatically for you? Did you ever ask your TV what it has recorded for you during your last holiday trip? With DiscVision Conversational UI technologies presented first time at AngaCom 2017 this dream comes true.

Using the innovative Amazon Alexa voice service, DiscVison is one of the first that has integrated this technology into its digital receivers and Home Media Gateways.

In cooperation with its technology partners, DiscVision presents a range of innovations at the AngaCom show starting May 30th in Cologne, Germany.

Besides the new voice interface to the Home Media devices that is integrated in several Home Media Gateways as well as into a freenet TV PVR-ready receiver system - DiscVision shows at AngaCom:

  • - Innovative and lightning fast user interfaces for digital receivers based on the Luna UI of the Danish company Craftwork

  • - Voice controlled content discovery solutions that use the cloud based content discovery technologies of XroadMedia

  • - Inhome networking solutions that allow to stream content from STB / HMG to IP devices such as AppleTV, Chromecast, Samsung Tizen TV sets and many more. The target device can be selected by the user's mobile phone using the Playmigo system of Digisoft.tv

DiscVision offers these software solutions but also complete production-ready products with its partner Altech Multimedia.

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hall 7
booth A60


DiscVision presents Universal Home Control Interface technology at CeBIT 2014

10. - 14.03.2014

DiscVision GmbH, Paderborn, Germany and a number of partners of the project UHCI (Universal Home Control Interface) are presenting the first results of a long term initiative for the development of technologies that aim to develop universal home control user interfaces. The vision of this R&D project is to develop technologies which allow to setup interactive user interfaces that have a common look & feel for different types of end devices. Thus, if the user is able to control a certain application on one platform or a certain service it should be very easy to control such a service also on another platform or even control other services.
The project unites a number of partners in their vision such as ART+COM, Connected Living, Fraunhofer IDMT, Loewe, UMAN, Technical University of Berlin and some others. The demonstration at the CeBIT starting in Hannover on March 10th presents the first results of this joint effort. DiscVision is one of the exhibiting partners there and demonstrates the use of UHCI technologies for the control of a Smart Home from the TV set. Here a popular home control system (HomeMatic) is integrated with a Digital Satellite Receiver and the user is able to control the actors and sensors of this house from the Satellite Receiver. Another application that DiscVision is showing on the CeBiT this year, is the use of a satellite receiver to adapt the sound signal to the hearing capabilities of the end user. Together with the partner institute Fraunhofer IDMT from Oldenburg, Germany a number of efficient algorithms were implemented on the STB platform that allow for an online adaptation of the sound level. This technology has not only applications for elderly or hearing-impaired persons but can also adapt the sound of any audio visual system to the general hearing capabilities of the user and in this way improve the access to audio visual information. DiscVision and the overall team of the UHCI project welcome visitors at the booth of the BMWI (Federal Ministry for Ecnomoic Affairs and Energy) in hall 9 booth E24. To arrange a visit and a special tour through the exhibition please send mail to office@discvision.com. More information is available at www.discvision.com and on the project page www.connected-living.org/projects/uhci/

DiscVision presents Hybrid DVB-C receiver and mobile phone client for remote access to PVR

3. - 5. May 2011

DiscVision presents for the first time the eviado one DVB-C system that is based on the successful eviado one receiver platform.

The system integrates support for HbbTV, a large set of interactive services accumulated in a Web portal and the watchmi personal TV service. The PVR features of the STB can be remotely controlled using the connectTV technology
of DiscVision. MAX Technologies GmbH will provide the system to the retail market.

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booth M31


DiscVision and Hochschule Osnabrück present socialTV application on Hybrid PVR

1. - 5. March 2011

DiscVision GmbH and the department of Computer Science of the Hochschule Osnabrück present the results of their cooperation project NG-PVR (Next-generation PVR) on the CeBit 2011 in Hannover.

The major innovation that is shown there is a "social recommender" system that was developed by
Hochschule Osnabrück and DiscVision on the basis of the digital satellite receiver eviado.

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hall 9
booth B24


DiscVision and Woosha BV present smartphone apps for remote PVR control

10. - 14. September 2010

DiscVision GmbH and Woosha BV present the first results of their recently started cooperation on the IBC 2010 starting on September 10th in Amsterdam. While people at DiscVision GmbH are experts on STB and especially on PVR technologies, the team of Woosha BV collects experts on technologies for mobile applications and mobile devices. The cooperation of both companies establishes a strong partnership for the development of technologies that allow the control of residential STB and PVR systems using mobile devices such as Android phones, iPhones, iPads and much others.

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DiscVision, eviado, Aprico, and Axel Springer Digital TV Guide present intelligent recommendation engine for PVR

10. - 14. September 2010

DiscVision GmbH presents the results of a close cooperation of eviado GmbH, Aprico and Axel Springer Digital TV Guide GmbH on the IBC 2010 in Amsterdam. On the booth of Aprico / Philips, the eviado hybrid STB / PVR is presented that integrates the Aprico recommender technology that is based on the managed EPG of Axel Springer Digital TV Guide GmbH. This is the first time that the innovative and higly efficient recommender technology of Aprico is completelly integrated into a PVR system that will be available on the market soon. DiscVision has performed this system integration into the overall software stack of the eviado STB system.

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DiscVision at Anga Cable 2010

4.5 - 6.5.2010

DiscVision provides the underlying technology for the eviado Hybrid PVR-ready system presented at the Anga Cable show

>> Pressemitteilung (PDF/1 MB)

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things of the past

DiscVision at IFA 2009
04.09. - 09.09.2009

DiscVision provides major part of overall software
stack for eviado high end PVR solution that
is presented for the first time at IFA 2009
(booth Freigelände 2010)

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booth Freigelände 2010

DiscVision on the Anga Cable
26.05. - 28.05.2009

visit DiscVision GmbH on Europe´s leading broadband
exhibition from 26-28 May 2009 in Cologne/Germany
(booth D55).

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booth D55

DiscVision on the CeBIT 2009 in Hannover
03.03. - 08.03.2009

DiscVision GmbH and the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück will present results of their close cooperation on the CeBIT 2009 in Hannover (hall 9, booth B22).

hall9, booth B22

DiscVision at the IBC 2008
12.09. - 16.09.2008

DiscVision GmbH will present a number of new PVR systems for SD and HDTV as well as new applications for PVRs like

- home networking
- multiroom connectivity
- access to popular video portals from the Internet
- and much more

Visit us on booth 1.C93

booth 1.C93

DiscVision at the ANGA Cable 2008
27. - 29.05.2008
Trade Fair for Cable, Broadband & Satellite

We present new PVR-ready-systems, connect TV, Home-Networking, Remote Access via iPhone

-> www.angacable.de

booth J55

DiscVision / interactive TV at the NAB-Show 2008
14. - 17.04.2008
In cooperation with interactiveTV, we present our PVR-systems and technology at the NAB-Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Meet us at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

-> www.interactivetv.tv

-> www.nabshow.com

DiscVision / cardiofun at the FIBO 2008
10. - 13.04.2008
We present "cardiofun" The Entertainment System for fitnes clubs at Europe’s Number One Annual Meeting Place for the Fitness and Wellness Industry
Meet us at the booth 2/D48.

-> www.fibo.de

DiscVision presents cardiofun at the Injoy Partner-Treff
12. - 13.03.2008
-> www.inlineconsult.de

DiscVision is an official INJOY partner
DiscVisions product cardiofun has convinced the leading fitness-company in german speaking countries with over 160 fitness clubs. Cardiofun is an entertainment-system especially for fitness-centers. Actually it is a music channel, that supports intervention by the owner of the fitness centre. The owner is able to control the system via inernet. He can make different settings, chose the music-genre and several videoclips, make the System switch to several telecasts, put in information-images into the programme.
more about cardiofun 

DiscVision shows innovative PVR solutions on IFA and IBC
connectTV service platform allows easy out-of-home access and display of video portals like Youtube and others on TV screens

Paderborn, Germany, August, 27, 2007, DiscVision GmbH presents at the IFA 2007 (Berlin) and on the IBC 2007 (Amsterdam) a number of innovative PVR applications and technologies ...
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FTA Communication Technologies and Discvision engage in cooperation for hybrid set top boxes
Luxemburg, Germany 2007, Betzdorf, Paderborn - May 21st, 2007- FTA and Discvision announced joint cooperation aimed at delivering a new bread of hybrid set top boxes featuring high-definition, twin tuner PVR and home networking capabilities. ... read more 

ANGA Cable Fair: NEC Electronics & DiscVision introduce Digital Terrestrial DVR Reference Design based on latest EMMA™ System LSI Chips
Cologne/Bonn, Germany, May 22, 2007 -- NEC Electronics and DiscVision today introduced a Digital Terrestrial Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Reference Design for the European market, based on NEC acclaimed EMMA line-up of digital AV devices. ... read more