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FTA Communication Technologies and Discvision engage in cooperation for hybrid set top boxes

Cologne/Bonn, Germany, May 22, 2007 -- NEC Electronics and DiscVision today introduced a Digital Terrestrial Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Reference Design for the European market, based on NEC acclaimed EMMA"! line-up of digital AV devices. These devices are EMMA2SE (part number µPD61140 for FTA) and the EMMA2SE/P (part number µPD61142 for Pay TV advanced security). With the capabilities of these devices and with the Reference Design being an extensible system, development of solutions from low to high end is easily achievable. Hardware design data, software drivers and support from NEC significantly reduce time-to-market and design costs. DiscVision is further able provide Hardware customisation and speed up software development by offering 'DiscVision DVR Reference software'. This is a complete pan European Linux based DVR software stack also available for the UK market with MHEG-5 1.0.6 . For manufacturers with additional requirements, NEC is able to offer alternative hardware and software solutions on request.

The Reference Design provides superset functionality for a high end, turnkey, production ready system which is ideal for developers to test their software stack. This also allows evaluation of desired functions which may not be on low end target HW. Lower specification models can be achieved simply by omitting unwanted functions. The design flexibility allows realisation of a standard two tuner DVR, expandable to one with enhanced capabilities including dual A/V outputs, enabling a DVR to simultaneously stream different video content to a television as well as to an external recording device such as a DVD recorder or VCR. Using an Ethernet controller and HDMI transmitter, the system can be expanded to include "networked DVR" and provide up-scaled high definition video to compatible HDMI interfaces. Provision of IDE and SATA Hard Disc Drive (HDD) interfaces, enables manufacturers to exploit the most cost effective internal HDD available on the market while the USB 2.0 High Speed interface allows use of external HDDs. NEC kit of parts includes EMMA2SE (µPD61140 or µPD61142), NEC DVB-T COFDM demodulator (µPD61540/1) and NEC All Flash microcontroller (µPD78F050x).

Twin tuner dual output DVR DVB-T silicon tuners Support for SATA / IDE and USB 2.0 connected HDDs (SATA is optional) 2x USB 2.0 High Speed host interfaces Ethernet 10 / 100 MBit/sec connected via PCI (Optional) Dolby AC3 via optical interface HDMI output (Optional) DVB-CI: two slots, Transport Stream Router (low cost embedded type - Optional) NAND flash support for high end systems Standby power control

The DiscVision DVR software stack port for EMMA2SE, a Linux implementation, is based on an existing proven software stack running on EMMA2. DiscVision DVR software stack capitalises on Linux ready drivers for an extensible platform addressing peripherals such as USB 2.0 and Ethernet including TCPIP stack thereby providing the most cost efficient and expandable solution. The full DVR stack implements a superset of functions required for the superset HW configuration. In order to save on memory cost, this can be tailored for lower level configurations according to requirements.

Twin tuner dual output DVR Designed to Freeview Playback specification, MHEG5 1.0.6 Dual TV support Dual Record on any medium including PC Trick modes: Any speed, any direction! Live Pause and Timeshift recording Home Networking using UPnP AV stack

Reference Design HW and design data will be available from NEC from June 2007. HW adaptation and DVR software stack can be licensed from DiscVision.

Exhibition at ANGA Cable
EMMA2SE and EMMA2SE/P, together with many other digital AV solutions, will be exhibited at NEC Electronics Europe's booth #K6 at the ANGA Cable Trade Fair for Cable, Satellite, and Multimedia held May 22-24, 2007 in Cologne, Germany.