Market Research

Using the TV
DiscVision provide a solution for market research that is unique in its kind and allows for the first time a market research on high quality video clips using the TV as the user interface. The solution is based on the DiscVision Push-VoD technology which is itself based on satellite transmission of large amounts of data. DiscVision have designed a solution that is based on a digital satellite receiver with an integrated hard disk. Market research on such a platform works in the following way:

The receiver at home and receive the standard television program though this receiver.
In each night the satellite receiver activates itself automatically and downloads video content and other data files that are send by DiscVision over satellite to the receivers. This delivery is based on the Push VoD technology of DiscVision.
If a market research has to be done for a special video, this video is send to all the satellite receivers of the users that are part of the selected panel. It is possible to put a video or any other kind of information on the receivers of selected panellists only, i.e. not the overall panel receives a selected file but only a subset if necessary.
On the next day, when the user uses the receiver for live TV access, the system displays an information in the on-screen-display to inform the user that a request for evaluation was send to him.
After confirmation of the start of the evaluation, the receives sets up a communication to the server using the integrated modem and displays for the specific market research a web site on the TV set that integrates the display of the pre-loaded video from the hard disk of the receiver as well as some questions to this video information. The user can answer these questions using the remote control or a small keyboard that comes with the receiver.
The information provided by the user is send via the return channel to the backend system and stored there. In such a way an automatic market research is done. The server automatically generates a report from the returned results.