PC tool for PVRs
PVRpilot is a PC tool that allows to use some selected functionality of the PVR on the connected PC. It also extends the functionality of the PVR in a considerable way.

PVRpilot converts the PC and the connected PVR into a home media network which allows to stream recordings or live TV programs from the PVR to the PC system. It allows to burn the recordings onto a connected DVD as well as to access EPG and other information provided by the PVR.

Thus, the PVRpilot is in all cases a valuable extension of the features of a PVR system.

Functionality of PVRpilot

Live TV and Streaming:
Display Live TV and recorded programs on the PC
Remote Programming of recordings:
Schedule recordings on the PVR using Internet access to the PVR, i.e. access the PVR from office and on the go using mobile phone* (needs an integrated web browser)
Electronic Program Guide:
Program listing for 6 channels in parallel
Schedule single and series recordings on the PC
The currently playing live TV and the scheduled recordings are highlighted on the screen
Detailed EPG information, ratings and recommendations are available for many programs (in combination with managed EPG from TV Digital)
DVD archiving:
Recordings can be archived on DVD. For this, the PVRpilot generates an ISO image that can be burned onto DVD.
Set-Top-Box can be configured using the PVRpilot tool
Settings can be stored and tranmitted to other Set-Top-Box systems
Channel lists and favourite lists can be uploaded / downloaded to an Internet server
Playlists can be defined and handled in a very comfortable way
Timer management:
Timers for single and series recordings can be managed and modified on the PC
Recordings management:
Segmentation and annotations can be done for recordings that are stored on the PVR
Recordings can be renamed and deleted from the PVR hard disc

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PVRpilot v.1
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