Entertainment for fitness-clubs
Cardiofun is a typical service that is implemented using the DiscVision Push VoD technology. DiscVision provides this virtual entertainment music channel that is linked to digital media material which resides on the hard disk of the cardiofun satellite receiver. This allows to integrate any kind of advertisements into the cardiofun channel which is customized to the local environment of the of the receiver. Thus, depending on the localisation of the receiver, the system integrates various commercial ads that fit to the local environment. In this way a maximal reach for the commercial information can be guaranteed. The cardiofun channel is made up by the latest pop music video clips that are delivered live via satellite or are stored on the hard disk of the receiver system and are replayed according to a pre-defined schedule. The cardiofun entertainment channel is operated from Germany but has been set up in various European countries providing information and entertainment to Fitness Clubs, Sport Clubs, Sport Hotels and much more.

Transmission of pop video clips using IP over DVB transmission Upload of commercial ads (videos and pictures) on the hard disk of the receiver using IP over DVB transmission (Push VoD) Integration of commercial ads and pictures into the cardiofun program according to pre-defined schedules LiveTV support for Free to air channels Daily Playlist generated by the DiscVision Server with personal preferences

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