Digital Signage

The digital signage solution of DiscVision uses the advantages of powerful and cost efficient digital video players for the provision of media information at the point-of-sale. The media information is provided to the player systems over broadband IP network which can be uni-directional and based on satellite delivery of media or bi-directional and based on broadband Internet networks. In both cases the digital signage solution of DiscVision allows for the cost efficient delivery and display of media information.

The solution provided by DiscVision provides a video player system at the point of sale which allows to host a large amount of audio-visual information. This information is provided to the player over different networks which can be satellite (Push-VoD) or any kind of bi-directional broadband IP network (Pull-VoD). In both cases (Push-Vod, or Pull-VoD), the playback of media files is controlled using playlists that are provided in the same way to the player systems as the video material. In this way, the order of replay can be determined in a very exact way for each digital player.

Content that can be replayed according to such playlists are: Audio files (MP3), Video files (MPEG-2, MPEG-1) and pictures (.jpg, .gif. png).

In addition to this, the display of live TV can also be integrated into the playlist.

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