DVB Playout Server

Data distribution
DiscVision Push VoD is a basis technology for the distribution of content via DVB networks. The overall Push VoD solution is based on a server system that is installed at the headend of the satellite service provider ASTRA / APS as well as on client systems (receivers) that are integrated at the client side. The server is used for the administration of the data distribution and the generation of the IP stream that is send by the DVB IP encapsulator to the satellite distribution network.

Upload of any kind of files in parallel to live TV streaming (IP over DVB) Management of groups of receivers (leave, join operation) so that content can be send to specific groups and are received by subsets of receivers only Forward Error correction on application level of the IP protocol (FEC of 12 %) Automatic re-transmission of lost packets (requires return channel) Acceptance rate of a successful file transmission can be set as MPEG files are also useful on the receiver if some data packets are missing Automatic re-transmission of the overall file transmission for important files (can be set on playout)