secured and protected data delivery

The DiscVision connectTV technology provides a number of services to a STB / PVR that is connected to the Internet. As these services are mostly simple data services, the connection can be set up by simply integrating the STB / PVR into the local home network using standard WLAN (801.11g) technology. The functionality to integrate the receiver into such a WLAN network is integrated in the applications for smartTV-2-HD and smartTV-2.

connectTV provides a number of innovative services for PVR systems, which are:

Managed EPG update and synchronisation over IP Segmentation and Annotation services Extended Home / Remote Access to PVR and content on PVR Automatic recording: Virtual Channel and Recommendations Community services Automatic Software update and channel list update Remote maintenance to STB / PVR

connectTV also provides a number of innovative content services, which are:

Internet service:, Integration on STB / PVR using UI of the STB / PVR Internet service: using UI of the STB / PVR Communication services (mail) Information services via RSS

The overall technology for these services is based on standard protocols (http, ftp, ... ) and a number of standard interfaces to external service providers. To allow remote access to the PVR system a central service center controls the network of distributed STB / PVR systems. This service center allows the connection from any Internet terminal to the PVR system at home: