Push VoD

sceduled replay of received contents controlled by playlists

A number of applications have been done using the Push VoD technology where received content files contain audio / video information and are replayed automatically according to a pre-defined playlist. Applications of this type are supported by a number of well-defined control files that can be send via IP-over-DVB to the receiving client and trigger some action to be performed automatically on the receiver client.

The BCF (box control file) handles the general settings of the receiver client, i.e. integration into a local network using IP addresses, software update, file system checks and much more. The BCF file also handles the activation times of the receiver

The RCF (return configuration file) handles the setup of the return path from the receiver to the Internet. For this, an integrated or external modem is mounted to the receiver. The RCF file specifies the dial-in parameters of the receiver as well as the times when logging information from the receiver have to be transmitted from the receiver to the headend system.

The SCF (schedule configuration file) handles the automatic playback of local media assets by the receiver. For this, the SCF file contains a complete playlist or fragments of a playlists that can be dynamically be connected. The playlist allows for the playback of videos stored on the hard disk as well as for the presentation of picture and the tuning of live TV from a DVB channel. Thus, the playlists provide maximum flexibility for the presentation of media assets on the connected TV set.