Push VoD

the playout server

The playout server is a standard Linux server that is connected to the IP-encapsulator at the site of the DVB headend (e.g. satellite uplink). The overall software that runs on the playout server is the full IPR of DiscVision GmbH. The playout server allows to:

Send local files as IP-over-DVB stream via the assigned DVB network to the distributed clients Transmit a series of MPEG files as a single live TV stream over a DVB network Handle secure and reliable transmission of files to distributed DVB clients using return messages from the receivers stating the missing packets Scheduled transmission of content files depending on availability of DVB network Handling of transmission speeds of up to 40 MBit/sec
The playout server can be controlled from any web terminal and allows for easy application integration with other applications using a simple web-based interface.