smartTV-2 HD

software platform

Operating system Linux Operating system: Kernel version 2.6.x Firmware API: Linux DVB API

Automatic Background Update
Storage in Flash / HDD
Managed EPG
Daily update via satellite
Coverage of 70 TV channels
Text, Pictures, Ratings for movies
Tip of the day for movies, sports, news, and other genres
Provider: TV digital Axel Springer Verlag
EPG menu
EPG Now: Presents program at specific time
EPG channel: Access to EPG of specific channel

Recording Devices Internal HDD: SATA HDD, Kernel version 2.6 USB connected devices: USB HDD, USB stick PC: PC connected via Ethernet, no software necessary on PC
Recording options EPG recording: Selection of program from EPG EPG series recording: Definition of series from EPG Timer: Definition of recording by date and time Timer series recordings: Definition of series recording by date and time Keyword series recordings: Definition of series by keyword
Recording Twin tuner recording: Two recordings in parallel Recording and playback: Parallel to recording of two programs, a third program or one of the recorded programs can be played back. Recording SD / HD programs
Media Handling Audio: Playback of MP3 Pictures: Playback of gif and jpeg files Video: Playback of MPEG-1 / MPEG-2 / H.264 video streams Playlist handling: Definition of playlists for each media type, sorting of playlists, storing playlists on USB, PC or internal HDD Auto playback: Playback of media within one directory automatically
Home Networking UPnP AV server: Access to stored and recorded media from external UPnP devices UPnP AV client: Reception of media streams from external devices (PC) UPnP AV control: Navigation of content from other UPnP AV media servers (PC, PVR, ... ) Networking: Support of LAN and WLAN
Segmentation / Annotation Segmentation on PVR:
Cut markers
Jump markers
Chapter segmentation
Segmentation Online: Distribution of segmentation data via Internet server Annotation: User annotation of TV program visible during playback of recording
Software update OTA: Software update via satellite Local: Local installation from USB device or via Ethernet Internet: Update from Internet server
Settings TV: User interface adapts to TV resolution 576p, 720p, 1080i Recording device: Recording device (local HDD, PC share, USB device) can be set LAN / WLAN installation: Installation assistant for WLAN, LAN DHCP support
PC tool Platform: Windows-XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista DVD archiving: Segmentation of recording and generation of ISO file for DVD burning Segmentation, Annotation: Similar features like on PVR but in a more comfortable way of editing segmentation Access to Live TV and recordings: Streaming of Live TV, recordings from PVR to PC