PVR application

The smartTV-2 PVR reference application provides all features of a high-end PVR that is tailored for the European and UK market.

Linux OS Twin tuner DVB-T PVR, two simultaneous recording, one playback Always-on timeshift recording Electronic Program Guide:

Based on DVB-SI data: 14 days of EPG data for up to 50 channels stored in flash memory and updated automatically
Based on Managed EPG: Provided via IP: Integration of text, pictures, recommendation, genres, ...
Recording devices:
Internal hard disk
USB connected device (hard disk, memory stick)
PC connected via LAN / WLAN
Recording types:
EPG recordings
EPG series recordings
Timer recordings
Keyword recordings
Genre recordings
Media handling:
Playback of pictures (.jpg, .gif, .png), audio (MP3), video (MPEG)
Playlist handling of media files
Home Networking support:
Integration of UPnP AV server, client, control
Integration with external vendor Digital Media Adapter (DMA)
Dual TV support:
First TV connected via HDMI or SCART-TV. Full PVR functionality on first TV
Second TV connected via Chinch or SCART-VCR connectors. Playback of recordings and live TV support on second TV
WLAN support:
Support of a number of selected USB-WLAN devices
Full configuration of WLAN access via UI of PVR
Ready for European market:
Integration of DTG requirements and Freeview Playback for UK market
Integration of MHEG-5 engine for UK market
PVR system compliant to Nordig specification

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main board
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