hardware platform

DiscVision provides a full turnkey solution (ready to manufacture) based on the NEC EMMA2-SE for a powerful DVB-T PVR system. This turnkey solution implements the following functionality:

Twin tuner DVB-T receiver (use of silicon tuner RF Magic), Support of loop-through and integrated modulator USB2.0 host interface integrated on frontpanel and backplane for easy access and connection of other systems (support of USB mass storage devices, USB WLAN dongle) Integrated hard disc (support of PATA and SATA hard discs) Ethernet 10 / 100 MBit/sec HDMI scaler scales 576i output of EMMA2-SE to 720p Audio, Video interfaces:

Cinch (Video)
Cinch Audio L/R
S/PDIF: optical interface for digital audio Support of Dual TV (second TV connected via Chinch or SCART VCR) Standby concept: External controller (power consumption < 2 Watt) Power consumption during operation: < 32 Watt