hardware platform

EMMA2 processor, 166 Mhz, 200 MIPS SDRAM: Up to 64 MByte Flash Memory: From 256 Kbyte to 4 MByte depending on the application Twin Tuner DVB-S, DVB-T oder DVB-C receiver functionality. The tuner modules
(NIM modules integrating channel decoder and tuner) are on separate daughter
boards and can be plugged into the main board.
Integrated hard disk, IDE interface Communication interfaces:

RS-232 serial line communication
USB2.0 host interface
Ethernet 10 / 100 MBit/sec (interface via processor bus or via PCI bus)
Integrated Modem 56kBit/sec

Frontpanel Controller: The frontpanel controller controls the overall PVR system.
In standby state only this controller is active consuming less than 2 Watt.
TV / audio Interfaces:
Scart TV, Scart VCR
Cinch: Audio L/R, Video
SP/DIF: optical